Recycling Caucus

Each Recycling Caucus is a membership grouping of individuals who want to bring back Recycling into the environmental mainstream again, but with a renewed and updated analysis that is independent of garbage concepts. I hope to form a number of such Caucuses around the country and to see them link up for mutual cooperation.

As I give talks around the country, I am urging the formation of these groupings to take political action that fosters new modes of thinking about excesses. I hope that my book will provide a new way to think about the possibilities for achieving Zero Waste or Universal Reuse.

One possible project would be the creation of filling stations for refilling containers of all kinds. Such a station would resemble a grocery market but would incorporate specialized equipment to refill bottles and other substantial containers with:


Milk and cream fractions, juices, olive and other vegetable oil, soy sauce, wine, motor oil and other automotive fluids, Ketchup, mustard, water and much more.

    Powders and flowable solids

Rice, grains, seeds, flour, nuts, dried fruits, trail mixes, sugar, salt, spices and much more.

These would be run as businesses needing capital, business plans and specialized equipment.

This is only a single, possible, entrepreneurial function of the Recycling Caucus and its role would probably be to do the political work to subsdize, research and foster the establishment of such an enterprise.

Another job a local Recycling Caucus could take on would be to find a local college or university doing research and foster the creation of a class or department devoted to research into recycling related projects.

They could also put political pressure on their local legislature to remove the abundant subsidies enjoyed by the garbage industry. For example, local dumps could be forced to pay for every single expense, including the cost of siting a dump, the assault upon the earth of removing a portion of its land from future productive use, the elimination of sweetheart perpetual contracts for garbage collection and perpetual maintenance and ultimate removal of every dump. Simply raising the specter of ultimate removal by mining or other beneficial processing would put a huge damper on the exuberance of the industry for the profits of dumps.

Many more projects, some even better than these I am sure, can be researched and shared among local Caucuses.

If you wish to join or organize a local caucus, email me at Paul Palmer giving me full details of your name, address, ideas and what you can do.